– “Hey Al!”
– “Hey, man! Sup?”
– “Whatcher doin’ there?”
– “Ah, well, you know about this little “project” I’m…hammering away at *chuckles modestly*”
– “Yeah, sure, you guys all seem to be kinda busy right now. And well, you know, that’s why I’m here right now, pal. I think I’ve got exactly what you need back in my travelling shop back there in that carriage over there – see it?”
– “Ah, yeah, the green one that looks like there’s -what is it? *tilts his head* – “J U N K” written on it’s side?”
– “Yep, that’s the one. You see, what’s really , and I mean REALLY, en vouge right now is – it’s honestly one of the very latest gizmos them inventors have come up with – ‘humans’.
– “Humans…” *he turns the word around in his mouth placing the accent on the unlikliest parts of it* “Sounds interesting, whussat?”
– “You can populate your lands with ’em.”
– “Popuwhat?”
– “Po-pu-late, make ’em live and breed there and whatever else they might come up with.”
– “Ah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, I know what you mean, never really liked those Greek fellas an’ their strange words anyway. What do they do, those Humáns?”
– “Whew, god only knows – and that’s where you come into play!”
– “Ha, tha’ was a good one, bud!” *slaps him on the shoulder* “I wish I had an ounce of your humour, man, really. Can I test them?”
– “‘Course, here you are, I’ll give you a handfull o’ them”.
– “Oh look, what this one doing over there? Spent only a few moments on this world and they’re already brawlin’!”
– “Ah, yeah, well, they still have some minor malfunctions and…”
– “What?! You jokin’? I already love those little buggers!  Look, this one, I think I’ll call Mohammed, seems fitting, eh?”
– “Ah, sure, glad you like ’em! And you know, ‘course you’re one of my favorite customers I’ll give a little extra, just in case you don’t want to bother with those humans any more: ‘s called ‘Armageddon’ – I just luuuv that stuff, really…”


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