He looked up at the night sky.
One star after another started to pop up on the inky bed stretched out far above him. First they were only a few, but the more heartbeats made their way through his breast, trough his muscles, his flesh, through his bones and through his very being, until he felt as if he was one huge single beating heart, the more shining splinters appeared before his overwhelmed eyes. It seemed as ift he multi-hued silk tried to engulf him from all directions, to swallow him up and make him one of those silvery sparks above. He was encircled by an absolute silence so thick it made his heart sound ten times louder. His head was pounding and he could feel the hammering vibration one single human heart could create. With every thump he could feel his whole body tremble and the blood soar through his ears, his forehead and even through every one of his single fingertips, which felt like they could burst every moment, because his skin could not keep back his blood and heart.
He could feel her breathing, although she wasn’t pressed to his chest, or even lying in his arms, she was standing right beside him, their hands barely touching. His heart was beating, because she was breathing, it was that simple. Her in- and exhaling was the rhythm of his heartbeat: when she breathed in, his own lungs would fill with air and with blood, when she breathed out, they would be bereft of both. If she inhaled and stopped her breath, he would do the same, not caring whether she would ever allow him to suck in air again, or whether she would let him suffocate. Their fingertips were barely touching. It was that simple.


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