The Dusk Trader

-“Hey, J., tell you what, I’ll sell you dusk. That’s exactly what you need, ol’ buddy!”
“Dusk? Whussat?”
-“Well, you know, right now, what you’ve got here is day and night, and when it’s time for day to end, it just goes from light to dark, and that just looks a bit – don’t take it personally, J. – crappy. Know what I mean?”
“Do you think that it’s really not that…nice? I thought, that the contrast was quite… artistic.”
-“Nah, it’s okay, but it would be MUCH better with dusk in between.”
“You still haven’t told me what this so-called DUSK is.”
-“Well, look here: it makes your “day” and “night”, as you’ve named them, blend into each other. When your “day” slowly nears it’s end, it doesn’t just become “night” at once, but day slowly fades into a warm orange, after that it’s bloody crimson, soft rose and just before the blueish darkness of “night” it’s a velvet lilac. Sounds great, doesn’t it, pal?”
“Well, it surely does sound interesting, I think…”
-“I know what you were going to say, you NEED it! I already have a whole bunch of content costumers, J.!”
“Well, okay, but what if I don’t like it?”
-“Ah, that’s no problem. When I’m passing by the next time, you can just give it back.”
“Really? Just give it back?”
-“Yep, new sales strategy of mine: if the costumer doesn’t like it, I give ‘im back a “voucher” and he can choose something else from my assortment. Great, isn’t it? Deal?”
“Yeah, deal.”
-“Oh, but wait! I forgot something quite important! You also need “dawn”! I always sell them as a double pack!”
“*sigh* And what is this “dawn”-thing?”
-“It’s the same thing as dusk, the only difference is, that you wedge it between night and day.”
“But can’t I just put “dusk” between night and day? Where is the difference?”
-“Believe me, it would look even crappier, then it looks right now – no offense meant.”
“Well, allright…if you say I ne..”
-“But of course you need it! Have I ever lied to you?”
“Well, do you remember the time you…”
-“Come on, you’re not that resentful, are you?”
“I guess I’m not.”
-“Oookay, it was nice talking to you again, but now I have to be on my way old bugger, you know: time is money. See you next time, Jehova!”

The Dusk Trader

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