Science of Unhappiness

Scientists have found out the most astounding things about the brain. If parts of the nerves leading to the eye are damaged, the picture that the brain receives from the eye changes accordingly to the damage done. We either see nothing on one of the eyes or huge black patches shaped like geometrical forms. When one closes one’s eyes too tightly or rubs them, tiny little squares appear in the blackness, that flash in subdued colours, looking like oversized pixels on a computer screen. So it does seem after all, that we ware rather complicated biochemical machines, doesn’t it? And if we really are complex machines, then what if happiness is only a trick of the brain to make us function in the most effective way? Could it be, following this, that the most unhappy person on earth is in fact, in a broader sense of the word, indeedthe happiest one?

Science of Unhappiness

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