Oh, um, hey there Loneliness,
I haven’t seen in you in quite a while.
Well, maybe that’s not completly right,
as I have glimpsed you occasionally lately,
but you must have worn
a slightly different colour
back then
or you had a cold and your voice sounded off.
Now that I think about it,
I remember.
But now, it’s plain old
once more.

Nice to see you again –
although I wouldn’t exactly say
it’s more like seeing someone
you never really got along with
in school
again after several years
and it’s in some strange sort of way
a sense of belonging
that makes you go all nostalgic,
although at the same moment you know
that there isn’t even remotely anything
to feel nostalgic about this particular encounter.

Funny thing is,
despite this unpleasant feeling
it still feels somehow
more right than many other things
I have felt, like, in ages.


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