a magic trick of the light

Want to see a magic trick? Then watch me pull a string of broken light bulbs from my throat lodged deep within my stomach, that hollow w|hole, that empty storage where all things come from, where they come into being. Watch it closely and now – see? – this is where it starts glowing again, the part still submerged in my body illuminating my oesophagus from within, glowing red, pulsating, turning me into a living lamp|shade, making me cast shadows emanating from my fingers, dancing across the furniture, those creaky floorboards and the dusty window panes, which let them out, let those dark shapes out of this house, grotesquely twisted and still twisting, twisting, piercing, burning with a pale fire, black and white, light-bringer, shadow-giver, shadow-bringer, light-giver, gagging on luminous paint|thinner, coating, (dis-)colouring your retina continuously.

a magic trick of the light

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