you should

Love me for what I’m not
and never will be, as that is
the proper way to do it.
Love me for
the things I never want to be
because that is how I want it to be
regardless of the consequences.
Consequences are for the meek,
they’re for the weak.
Consequences are for losers.
Who needs them anyway?
I sure as hell don’t,
so you shouldn’t either,
because this is how I work.
The blind need company,
so put these embers to your eyes
to dry your tears and
burn your tear ducts shut.
Those who cry can’t be sad, right?
That’s it,
that’s better,
now you understand,
This is how the world turns and
you have to turn along to get by,
don’t you?
Don’t you?
Don’t you fucking do, for fuck’s sake?
You should lie and tell yourself that you’re happy,
that’s what makes you happy, actually,
if you do it long enough.
You just have to do it,
you don’t even have
to believe.
Just do.
Thinking makes you sad,
even believing makes you sad,
I promise.
You just have to do.
Just do.
Just have to.
You have to.

you should

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