Out in the darkness
the patter of naked feet
resounds from afar

in this empty place
spacious, forgotten, lonely
not a single light

reaches the eye here
where all your fears come along
for an endless ride,

where you can’t be but
afraid of the things to come,
that is what they say.

So take up your heart
wand’ring erratically
through that cavity

as lightless and still
as the void surrounding you
and make it glimmer

’till it’s bright aflame
blazing with the golden light
oozing through your veins

and cauterising,
as it runs through your body,
all your open wounds.

Make your heart beat hard
so it squeezes the gold out
through your tired skin,

the soles of your feet,
so you leave glowing footprints
wherever you tread
burning holes into the dark.


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