I feel fake
I do
so that’s how hot your cheeks can get, huh?
I’m sorry,
I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
that’s not enough, is it?
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry
how about that?
still won’t do, I guess
I didn’t mean to
I swear
my dear
I swear
I won’t say it three times


One thought on “

  1. Anton Goll says:

    When you look where you shouldn’t look
    you see what you shouldn’t see,
    you feel what you don’t want to feel.
    Isn’t it cold?
    And you don’t understand or know what to believe
    but it’s not like there was something to understand anyway,
    humans are not meant to be understood and that’s the truth –
    Doesn’t it make me shiver?
    Despite my good intentions I would like to say I’m sorry in advance
    when I say I’m sorry,
    I just want to make myself feel better,
    for rubbing it in someone’s face
    so I don’t say it.
    I don’t even write it, there is no need.
    A little faith is all it takes.
    Doesn’t it make me shake?
    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Use or abuse me all you want
    I may hold it against you on some of my bad days
    But I will take all my pain and deepen it
    and gather it.
    I will remember my past, let myself fall into the abyss if I must,
    clink glasses with my mind on the way down
    and laugh;
    what an enjoyable ride!
    Isn’t the shaking excitement?
    Down in the abyss
    I will collect the long-forgotten, but never removed
    The ground holds a promise
    I will use all abuse and all pain
    the past and the present to build my future path
    upon taking the first step I will grab my muse of shadows and kiss her.
    That kiss will mix life, joy and pain all together in unity and conquer my fears.
    Like here.

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